Best Home Run Prop Bets | Monday, June 24th (2024)

The 2024 MLB season is in full swing, and who doesn’t love home run prop bets? Home runs have been flying so far this season, and we continue picking winners. Let’s take a look at our best bets. Here are the best home run prop bets to make for Monday.

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The heater continues! Last week, we hit Kyle Schwarber (+250).

Two weeks ago, we hit Julio Rodriguez (+575), and we hit Cody Bellinger (+430). The week before, we cashed Adley Rutschman (+600) and Mookie Betts (+400).

To start June, we cashed Alex Bregman (+650) and Bryce Harper (+285). We have been on a heater with home run props. We want to carry the momentum we have built this season into this week. What are the best home run prop bets to make?

Let’s dive into the best home run prop bets to make today.

Best Home Run Prop Bets – MLB Free HR Props Picks

Julio Rodriguez (SEA) +560

Julio has seven home runs this season, but today, he was a matchup against a pitcher who lets up a ton of fly balls. On the season, Julio is batting .248 against righties, and five of his seven home runs have come against right-handed pitching. He has an 83 wCR+, a .331 BABIP, and a .080 ISO against righties. Given these splits and the fact he is facing a righty, this is one of the best home run prop bets on the board.

Julio is 3-6 in his career against Taj Bradley with a home run and a double, and we expect Julio to get the best of him. Bradley has allowed nine home runs this season, and five of them have come against right-handed batters, making this one of the best home run prop bets on the board today.

Best Home Run Prop Bets | Monday, June 24th (1)

Spencer Steer (CIN) +400

Spencer Steer has been running hot, and we like his matchup to go yard again. Steer hit a homer on the 22nd, and he has a great matchup to go to the yard again today. Steer has nine home runs this season, and his 10th should be in his sights today in Cincinnati. This is one of the best home run prop bets on the board.

Bailey Falter is making the start for the Pirates in Great American Small Park. Falter has been poor this season, and he has allowed 12 home runs this season, and 10 of them have come from right-handed batters. Steer is 5-8 in his career against Falter with a home run, but he has an 11.6-degree launch angle, meaning he is getting on with line drive. We expect him to get the better of Falter today and lift a baseball for one of the best home run prop bets on the board.

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Best Home Run Prop Bets | Monday, June 24th (2024)


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