Learn Vocabulary Words That Start With J (2024)

Vocabulary Words that start with J

The letter “J” is the tenth letter of English language letters. The alphabet “J” sounds like “Jaa” or “Juh.” Vocabulary words that start with J become easier with this lesson. Your kid can learn these easy J words vocabulary to help him in daily communication.

Positive words that start with “J” make a decent English vocabulary. If your kid gets confused while pronouncing “J” words, teach him to pronounce them like “dg.” With this lesson, you teach your child positive “J” words according to age and schooling. Whether your child is a preschooler, kindergartener, or in other grades, this lesson will teach him.

Positive Vocabulary Words that start with J

Let’s learn some positive words with j.

Three Letter Words That Start With H

Jar: The jar is a common “J” word. A jar is a pot made up of either clay of some type or other materials. He will learn this word in a fun way. Make other objects with their letters, like the jar. You can play a game with your kid to teach the alphabet with these objects.

Jam: Jams are food items preserved through different fruits in sugar. Kids love jam on their toast and enjoy it. Bring jams of different flavors and let him taste them all. This way, he can learn about different jams in a fun way.

Job: A job is a paid employment opportunity where someone is assigned tasks in a routine. The word job also use for a given duty or a responsibility. You must assign duties to your kids’ vocabulary from childhood so they can grow responsible. However, to explain a paid job, tell him about your job.

Jaw: The jaw is one of the two opposite bone structures that make a mouth in vertebrates. You can find a skeleton to show your kid and explain what a jaw is and why it is important. You can show them your or his jaw by pointing towards it, which will serve as a live example.

Easy Three Letter Words That Starting With H

Joy: Joy is a feeling expressed with excitement and happiness. Kids are known for enjoying the joys of every aspect of life. It would help if you remembered your childhood being joyful and having fun all the time. Teach this word to your child when they are happy about something. You can use other scenarios to teach them the complete meaning of joy.

Jay: A jay is a bunch of bird species from the crow family. They are known for the colorful patterns on their bodies and typically brown and blue feathers. These birds usually make a lot of noise where they are. You can show your kid pictures and videos of jaybird and teach them this word. It’s funny that jay is like a kid in that both make a lot of noise.

Jet: A jet throws pressurized air or liquid from a narrow opening. This principle is used in aircraft with jet engines. Jet engines create more thrust than propeller engines. Modern jet aircraft can travel at more than the speed of sound. Kids love jets. Show them a flying jet and teach this word to them by explaining the meaning of a jet.Learn Vocabulary Words That Start With J (1)

Four Letter Words That Start With H

June: 6th month of the Gregorian calendar is June. June is the month of peak summer. 22nd June is the year’s day when the sun stays for the most prolonged hours. Teach your kid by showing this month in the calendar. Kids have summer vacations during this month. One of your family members might have their birthday in June. It can help your kid to remember this month.

Jump: Pushing your body to lift above the ground by applying force on your legs is called a jump. Kids love to jump and play in their world of happiness. Play with your kid and jump with them. Teach them this word while playing.

July: July comes after June and is the 7th month of the Gregorian calendar. July is also a peak month in the summer. The 4th of July is the Independence Day of the United States of America. July also falls at the time of summer vacations for kids. You can teach this word to your kid by showing this month on the calendar.

Easy Four Letter Words That Start With H

Jeep: A jeep is a vehicle built to travel off-road on sand, mountains, and mud. Jeeps are usually 4-wheel drive, which means the engine powers all wheels. The ground performance of a jeep is impressive, as they have to travel on rocky and irregular surfaces. Kids love jeeps because of their adventurous theme. You can show different types of jeeps to your child and teach them this word.

Jail: Jail is where people who commit crimes are kept after being caught in the act. The jail or prison is not a good place. It would be best if you always told your child to abide by the law and the consequences of not doing so. Jails are also shown in the cartoons to teach this word to your kid with the comics.

Learn Vocabulary Words That Start With J (2)

Five Letter Words That Starting With H

Jeans: The pants or trousers made of denim cloth are called jeans. Jeans are rugged cloth that can last for a long. You can buy jeans for your kid and show them different types of jeans to learn this word.

Joker: A joker is a person with a great sense of humor. He is always in a fun mood and makes people laugh with his jokes. Usually, a joker has funny makeup on his face. You can find jokers all around different places as being a joker is also a job. It helps people feel good. The term joker also use for a famous villain against the justice league or batman. You can teach your kid this word by showing them a joker. The kids love to have fun with jokers.

Jelly: Jelly is a preserved form of a food item. It comes in many flavors derived from different fruits and holds them in sugar. Kids love jelly of almost every taste. You can make jelly at home as well. Teach your kid while they are enjoying jelly.

Juice: A natural liquid extracted from fruits and vegetables is juice. Juices are natural sources of nutrition. Kids, just like everyone else, love juices. Teach them this word when they drink juice.

Six Letter Words That Start With H

Jungle: A jungle is a part of the land with a wide range of biodiversity in one place. Various species of plants, trees, animals, birds, and insects are in just one jungle. Kids love to watch jungles in cartoons and documentaries.

Jacket: A jacket is a type of clothing with an opening in the front. There are buttons or zip to close that opening if needed. The kids look very cute wearing a jacket. Buy your kid a jacket, and they will learn this word in a fun way when he wears it.

Junior: The word junior is use for a person younger in age or status. The term junior has a wide range of use in different areas like family, schools, and workplaces. One of your kids has a younger sibling. You can teach him this word by calling the younger one his junior.

Jaguar: The jaguar is a kind of tiger in the cat family. Jaguar is a top predator and the third biggest tiger found in American forests. They have big black spots on their skins, giving them a lucrative look. Teach this word to your kid by showing them pictures and videos and telling them about jaguars.

Seven Letter Words That Start With H

January: The year in the Gregorian calendar starts in January. January is of the coldest month of winter. The new year is also celebrated on 1st January. Teach this word to your kid by showing this month on the calendar.

Jewelry: Jewelry is a piece of ornaments such as a ring, necklace, or bracelet. Jewelry is usually popular among women. However, men also wear some light jewelry. Show your kid a piece of jewelry and tell him this word. Also, show him some pictures of different jewelry, so he can recognize it if he sees one.

Journey: Traveling from one place to another is called a journey. The word journey also explains a lifetime in an aesthetic vocabulary. You can teach this word while traveling with him. Arriving at your destination, tell him that you have completed your journey.

Jupiter: Jupiter is 5th in line and a giant planet in our solar system. Jupiter is a massive ball of gases two and a half times bigger than all other planets. It is known for the red spot on it. It only takes 10 hours to rotate on its axis. Jupiter has 67 moons. Teach your kid about Jupiter by pointing at Jupiter in solar system pictures or a model.

Learn Vocabulary Words That Start With J (3)

Eight Letter Words That Starting With H

Jambolan: Jamun or jambolan is an evergreen tree found in tropical regions that provide fruits the size of a date. The fruit jambolan is dark purple. It is full of nutrition and loved for its taste and benefits. Teach this word to your kid by offering them jambolan, and we are sure they will love eating it.

Jalapeno: A medium-sized chili pepper pod is called a jalapeno. Jalapeno can be more or less spicy. Some people love spicy food and use jalapeno as an essential part of their food. You can teach this word to your kid by showing them a jalapeno and letting them taste a bit to make fun. This way, they will remember the name.

Nine Letter Words That Start With H

Jackfruit: Jackfruit is found in tropical areas worldwide. It is the biggest fruit in the world, weighing up to 40 pounds. Jackfruit is full of fibers and very low fats, which makes it a healthy diet. You can find packed or tin cans of jackfruit portions to buy from stores. Show pictures or a real jackfruit to your kid, if possible, so they learn this word.

Jellyfish: This is a marine life with a sausage type of transparent body with tentacles on one end. The tentacles typically have stings, which makes them dangerous. Jellyfish are beautiful and can be of different sizes. You can teach this word to your kid by showing him other jellyfish.

FAQs (Vocabulary Words that start with J)

What is the longest word that starts with J?

Jurisprudentially: means the philosophy of law

What are the common English verbs starting with J?

  • Jam
  • Jab
  • Jail
  • Jangle
  • Jingle

Name five most commonly used J words?

  • Jacket
  • Jail
  • Jam
  • Jet
  • Jewel

What are the five most commonly used positive words that start with the letter J?

  • Jamming
  • Joking
  • Joy
  • Jolly
  • Jazz

What are the vocabulary words that start with J for kids?

  • Jingle
  • Jellybean
  • Joke
  • June
  • July

Which words That start with J for kids?

  • Jar
  • Jade
  • Jail
  • Jake
  • Jam

What are the vocabulary words that start with J for Preschool kids?

  • Job
  • Jog
  • Join
  • Joke
  • Joy


We hope this lesson helped your kid learn some new vocabulary words that start with J. Make sure to check the next lesson where we will teach positive vocabulary words that start with K. Keep visiting our website. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel for more kids’ vocabulary to let your kids learn easily in a fun way. Please let us know your impressions of this collection of “words that start with” series in our comment sections. Share this content if you like this and send your feedback to us.

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Learn Vocabulary Words That Start With J (2024)


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