Monthly Bulletin Board Ideas and Bulletin Board Themes (2024)

Monthly Bulletin Board Ideas and Bulletin Board Themes (1)Apple Tree Bulletin Board
Great activity for talking for young students learning about apples and harvest time.

Monthly Bulletin Board Ideas and Bulletin Board Themes (2)Bulletin Board Crazy
This site contains photographs of bulletin boards that have been created by teachers. They are referenced according to age level categories for easier searching.

Monthly Bulletin Board Ideas and Bulletin Board Themes (3)Bulletin Board Ideas
You will find a categorized, annotated list of over 1600 sites dedicated to the? enhancement of instruction and support the curriculum via the use of bulletin boards

Monthly Bulletin Board Ideas and Bulletin Board Themes (4)Bulletin Boards Across the World

Monthly Bulletin Board Ideas and Bulletin Board Themes (5)Bulletin Boards by Teaching Tips
This site includes ideas for bb backgrounds, plus slogans you might use for a variety of topics and subjects.

Monthly Bulletin Board Ideas and Bulletin Board Themes (6)Bulletin Boards For All Seasons
This site is for the elementary classroom.

Monthly Bulletin Board Ideas and Bulletin Board Themes (7)I Love that Teaching Idea Bulletin Boards
Many ideas are at this site including organization of border. These ideas are mainly for K-5 classrooms.

Monthly Bulletin Board Ideas and Bulletin Board Themes (8)KinderArt Bulletin Boards
In addition to having bulletin boards the children can help create you will find coloring pages, printable letters and much more.

Monthly Bulletin Board Ideas and Bulletin Board Themes (9)Preschool Education Bulletin Boards

Teachers use bulletin boards because they are an interactive, visual way to disseminate information to the class. Decorating the bulletin board for holidays and celebrations, like birthdays, is a fun way to let the students express their creative side or teach them how to complete a large art project.

Displays based on specific books or subjects add a visual link to encourage students to internalize lessons. Try some or all of these ideas in your classroom, or use them as springboards for your own imagination and creativity.

However, teachers are not the only ones who benefit from using bulletin boards to communicate. Decorated boards and doors are found in workplace environments, churches, libraries, and senior facilities, just to mention a few examples.


Images of winter activities like making snowmen or riding sleds are perfect for January, but boards planned around January holidays can also be fun. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday is January 17, National Popcorn Day is January 19, and Winnie the Pooh Day is January 18.

  • DTLK: Either “Our class is cool,” or the January collage provide a different twist on boards for winter.
  • Burlington-Edison High School: This library bulletin board schedule provides several ideas for Black History month boards, as well as wide range of suggestions for boards for other months.


Valentine’s Day is the most popular February holiday, but many teachers deviate from tradition to decorate for other holidays like Black History month or Groundhog Day.

  • ABC Teach: Use these Valentine alphabet letters and trims to create your board.
  • Scholastic: Let students make a pop-up Groundhog to extend the board theme.


St. Patrick’s day is a given for March themed boards, but how about doing an extra board early in the month to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday on March 3? Other March holidays are National Anthem Day (3/3) or Good Samaritan Day (3/13).

  • Everything Preschool: Use these clever ideas for bulletin boards for St. Patrick’s Day.
  • The Virtual Vine: In addition to ideas for a board, this is a terrific resource for lesson plans based on Dr. Seuss books.


Have you ever heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers”? What better way is there to brighten April’s bulletin board than by using images of blooming flowers, umbrellas, and raindrops?

  • Bulletin Board Pro: Choose from an umbrella brigade, Arbor Day, or Easter theme, or use these ideas to create your own.
  • Kids Sunday School Place: This site offers both free and membership-only religious-theme board ideas.


Bulletin boards based on May holidays like Mother’s Day or Memorial Day are classroom icons, but do not limit yourself to these traditional offerings. Cinco de Mayo, Mother Goose Day, or National Teacher’s Day are alternatives that provide teachable opportunities.

  • Mini Bulletin Boards: If time is critical, you may prefer to buy a ready-made bulletin board set, like this mini Cinco de Mayo board, rather than taking time to make one.
  • Danielle’s Place: Try this Mother’s Day board in your classroom this year.


Father’s Day sometimes gets lost in the transition from spring to summer, so give the holiday an extra boost by featuring it on your June bulletin board. Other fun ideas for June are Flag Day or the first day of summer.

  • Teaching Heart: This extensive list of bulletin board ideas will keep your classroom looking up-to-date for years to come.
  • Busy Teacher’s Café: Encourage your class to read more with this inventive visual aid.


Summer school, Fourth of July, and picnic themes work well for mini-bulletin boards or door decorations for July.


Transition from summer by fast forwarding to back-to-school inspired themes this month.

  • Jan Brett: Print out Brett’s unique artwork for monthly themed boards.
  • Gryphon House: Lots of ideas and systematic directions for everyday boards.


Fall and harvest themes are starting to appear on doors and boards in schools nationwide.

  • Bry-Backmanor: Here is a simple but effective printable to support a fall learning theme about math.
  • Printable PreK: Try some of these free, printable borders to spice up fall boards.
  • Ellison Education: This is an unusual lesson plan based on creating a fall bulletin board.


October boards featuring ghosts, owls, pumpkins and other Halloween themes are always popular. However, American Craft Week and Fire Prevention Week are other good themes to explore.


Expand on the harvest theme by adding images of pilgrims, Native Americans, turkeys, and pumpkins to a board, or let the class help by cutting out and adding pictures of foods enjoyed at Thanksgiving dinners.

  • Ed Helper: Extend November lessons with these bulletin board ideas, worksheets, and printables.
  • Bulletin Board Idea: Here are many free bulletin board printables to use for decorating classrooms.


While Christmas is a traditional choice for bulletin boards, other good choices are the winter solstice on December 21 or Chanukah on December 2. Boards based on books like How the Grinch Stole Christmas are sure to be popular with most classes.

Additional Resources

Designing bulletin boards that engage students is easy when you have access to the right tools and resources. Try some or all of these resources to make creating interactive, eye-catching displays fun and educational.

  • Holiday Insights: Check this list of holidays to get unusual ideas for classroom bulletin boards.
  • Teacher Vision: Learn everything you need to know about creating bulletin boards by using these links to various websites.
  • Kim’s Korner: Get some fresh ideas by reading these useful tips about bulletin boards, borders, and backgrounds.
  • Teacher Helper: If you need help jump-starting your creativity, here are ideas and related resources for any grade level.
  • Teacher’s First: Try a “hang-up” – short, pithy sayings – to add pizzazz to boards.
  • Edavenue: Explore the possibilities of these autumn-themed boards and lesson plans for busy teachers.
Monthly Bulletin Board Ideas and Bulletin Board Themes (2024)


What is a bulletin board answer? ›

A bulletin board is a board which is usually attached to a wall in order to display notices giving information about something. A bulletin board is a computing system that enables users to send and receive messages of general interest. The bulletin board provided a forum for investors to exchange news.

What makes a good bulletin board? ›

Use vibrant colors, high-quality images, and visually appealing fonts to make your bulletin board visually engaging. Consider incorporating borders, headings, and 3D elements to add depth and interest. If your institution has an RA resource room, you can likely access a lot of the materials there.

How do you make a creative bulletin board? ›

Make it interactive and engaging if you want students to pay attention to your bulletin board. For this, you can use fabric clips, colorful sketch pens, and even create different pockets to store information. All in all, use your creativity to make your bulletin board as interactive as possible.

What is bulletin board example? ›

A bulletin board (pinboard, pin board, noticeboard, or notice board in British English) is a surface intended for the posting of public messages, for example, to advertise items wanted or for sale, announce events, or provide information.

What are the 4 general purposes of bulletin board? ›

Bulletin boards are typically used in four different ways - decorative, display, informative, and interactive. They each have distinct functions and require different levels of planning and effort to set up.

What does a bulletin board symbolize? ›

It serves as a means of communication and information dissemination. A bulletin board, also known as a notice board or message board, is a physical or virtual display area where information, notices…

Why are bulletin boards important? ›

Bulletin boards are visual masterpieces that capture students' attention. By incorporating colorful graphics, images, and diagrams, teachers can bring abstract concepts to life. Visual learning aids in comprehension and retention, making complex topics more accessible to students of all ages.

How do you write a good bulletin? ›

Tips on Writing for The Bulletin
  1. Don't overprove your thesis.
  2. Check all data, particularly dates, figures, and proper names, against the original documents.
  3. Keep your sentences short; one independent and one dependent clause are usually enough.
  4. Try to use the active, not passive, mode.

How do you make an effective display board? ›

Make sure to include plenty of images or graphs of your results to make your display more interesting. If you have a computer, use it to print out your materials so everything looks neat. To help your display board stand out, place squares of colored construction paper behind your titles, captions, and images.

How can I make my bulletin board more attractive? ›

Here are 35 fresh ideas to jazz up any of the bulletin boards in your classroom.
  1. Hang some lights. Source: Chelsea Lee. ...
  2. Use blow up letters. Source: Pretty Little Teachers. ...
  3. Turn it into a showcase. ...
  4. Make it 3D. ...
  5. Use clothespins. ...
  6. Use the entire wall. ...
  7. Give kids something to think about. ...
  8. Use nontraditional borders.
Feb 8, 2024

What is an interactive bulletin board? ›

You'll find examples of interactive bulletin boards like this one all over Pinterest. The concept is basic: Post notes with encouraging and kind words on a board for students to grab when they need to be lifted up. Provide paper for them to add their own kind words for others too.

What do you use to decorate a bulletin board? ›

Most classroom bulletin boards use solid-colored butcher paper. This hides the corkboard and make it look more colorful. You can be more creative and use wrapping paper or colorful fabric instead. Wrapping paper is great because it adds a lot of texture and pattern.

What did the bulletin board symbolize? ›

The Bulletin-Board Symbol Analysis

The bulletin-board that hangs outside the town hall represents the oppression of the Prussian occupiers who have invaded the region of Alsace-Lorraine, where the village that is home to the narrator, Franz, is located.

What is a vision board theme? ›

Vision boards – or dream boards – are often collages of quotations, pictures, or other visuals that convey your goals and aspirations. As a tool for manifesting those goals, these boards focus on a specific theme or period and are highly personalized.


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