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Teaching J Words for Kindergarten - Little Learning Corner (1)

If you’re teaching the alphabet, you’ve come to the perfect place! As part of our weekly alphabet series, today we are sharing tips and resources for teaching J words for kindergarten.

Teaching J Words for Kindergarten - Little Learning Corner (2)

Activities that Start with J

  1. Jump rope: Let the kids jump rope with different jumping techniques and games.
  2. Jogging: Go for a jog with the kids. Being in nature will also help their mental health and focus to learn.
  3. Jumping on a trampoline: If you have access to a kids trampoline, let the kids jump around and get out their energy. You can also incorporate counting activities as they jump.
  4. Journaling: Encourage the kids to draw or write in a journal about their favorite things.
  5. Jewelry making: Let the kids get creative with beads, strings, and other craft materials.
  6. Juggling: Teach basic juggling techniques using scarves or soft balls.
  7. Jam session: Set up a music session where kids can play various instruments, sing, and create their own tunes.
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Printable Alphabet Worksheets and Activities

Here is a collection of printable alphabet activities, and letter J worksheets, you can do when teaching letters and sounds.

Alphabet Word and Picture Cards

Alphabet Q-Tip Painting

Alphabet SuperStars

Beginning Sounds Picture Sort

Alphabet Letter Search

Alphabet Coloring Pages

Free Alphabet Playdoh Mats

Check out the complete alphabet bundleHERE, including pocket chart cards, sorts, and write the room activities.

To introduce letter J words to kindergarten children, I recommend integrating word and picture cards into their daily life routines.

These alphabet word cards come with lowercase j and uppercase J cards, along with picture cards and words cards that have easy words that start with /j/ – both have a corresponding picture to help build the child’s vocabulary.

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Teaching J Words for Kindergarten - Little Learning Corner (6)

List of J Words for Kindergarten

  1. Jack
  2. Jaguar
  3. Jail
  4. Jam
  5. Jamboree
  6. Jangle
  7. January
  8. Japan
  9. Jar
  10. Jasmine
  11. Java
  12. Jaw
  13. Jazz
  14. Jeep
  15. Jelly
  16. Jet
  17. Jewel
  18. Jigsaw
  19. Jingle
  20. Job
  21. Joker
  22. Journey
  23. Joy
  24. Judge
  25. Juggle
  26. Juice
  27. Jump
  28. Jungle
  29. Jupiter
  30. Just
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Tips for Teaching Words that Start with J

Teaching words that start with the letter “J” to kindergarten kids can be fun and engaging.

Here are some tips to make the learning process enjoyable:

  1. Use a variety of visuals: Incorporate visuals like word and picture cards that represent words starting with “J.”
  2. Sing songs and chants: Nursery rhymes are a wonderful way to emphasize words that start with j. For example, kids love sing “Jack and Jill” and “Jack be Nimble”.
  3. Letter recognition activities: Mix up the alphabet activities with magnetic letters, pocket chart activities, letter hunts, and more! You can find all of these and more in this Alphabet Bundle!
  4. Art and crafts: Let the kids create a jellyfish using construction paper and streamers or paint a picture of a jungle scene.
  5. Sensory play: Add things such as jelly beans, jungle animals, and small jars to a sensory bin.
  6. Picture Sorts: With these beginning sounds picture sorts, kids can color, cut, and sort pictures based on the beginning sounds. Simply print and do the letter J page for extra fun!
  7. Rhyming games: Engage kids in rhyming games where they have to identify words that rhyme with given “J” words. This helps them develop phonemic awareness and expand their vocabulary. For example, what rhymes with Jam?
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Teaching J Words for Kindergarten - Little Learning Corner (9)

J Words for Kindergarten

Teaching J Words for Kindergarten - Little Learning Corner (10)

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Teaching J Words for Kindergarten - Little Learning Corner (2024)


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