Wimbledon Predictions: Tennis best bets for Wednesday, July 3rd (2024)

Wimbledon predictions and best bets for Day 3 – July 3rd:

The short grass-court season is already nearing its end, as it’s already time for Wimbledon. I already did some pre-tournament analysis of both the men’s and women’s draws. However, it’s now time to look at Day 3 of the action at the All England Club, which will take place on Wednesday, July 3rd. Keep reading for some of my favorite picks for a day that will have Jannik Sinner, Carlos Alcaraz and Elena Rybakina in action.

I usually have a lot more tennis predictions on the Pro Picks page. I occasionally add some picks throughout the day, as schedules can get wonky with the international nature of the sport. I also like to see how odds are moving. That said, keep checking that page every couple of hours if you want more of my picks. I’ll also post plays for smaller tournaments on that page.

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2024 Record: 458-467 (+25.81 units)

Clara Burel vs. Sonay Kartal – Scheduled for 6:00 am ET

I was on Kartal in her match against Sorana Cirstea. The Brit dropped the first set in that one, but she really dialed things in after that. Kartal ended up earning a 3-6, 6-2, 6-0 victory, looking like a player that isn’t quite done yet. Now, Kartal gets a dream matchup against Burel, who had lost five matches in a row before beating Eva Lys last match. Burel shrugged the losses off rather nicely, playing a very clean match against Lys. However, this is a much tougher opponent. And Burel will have to face both Kartal and the home crowd. That could make it a little harder for her to keep her nerve.

If Burel does struggle to handle the atmosphere, Kartal is going to really play into that. Burel is a player that swings big and plays with very little margin, while Kartal is capable of getting a lot of balls back and forcing misses out of her opponents. But Kartal also has the ability to flip the script and go on offense with her booming forehand.

All that really needs to happen here is that Kartal needs to hit her spots with her serve. If she does, she should win this match.

Bet: Kartal ML (-133 – 1.5 units)

Stan Wawrinka vs. Gael Monfils – Scheduled for 10:30 am ET

Wawrinka has had a miserable 2024 season, but I think he’s capable of winning this match. For starters, Wawrinka’s issue at majors later in his career has been his fitness. He tends to look good in the opening round and run out of steam in the second. But Wawrinka took the entire month of June off. He also happened to win his opening-round match in straight sets. So, he really should be ready to rock against Monfils. Meanwhile, it’s not like he’s playing against some youngster. Monfils, who is 37 years old, will be feeling everything Wawrinka is on the other side of the net. So, this match should boil down to the actual tennis, and I think Wawrinka has the game to push the Frenchman.

The reality here is that Monfils hasn’t been as accurate with his serve in 2024 as he has been in the past. He has also taken a big step back as a returner. So, when you combine that with the fact that Wawrinka is a little sturdier from the baseline, it’s not hard to figure out why the Swiss player would be a good value. I think this will ultimately be a tight battle, with a few sets that can easily go either way. That makes me like the idea of grabbing the games, but I’m also sprinkling a little on Wawrinka to win outright.

Bet: Wawrinka +4.5 Games (-120 – 1.5 units) & Wawrinka ML (+250 – 0.5 units)

Lloyd Harris vs. Ben Shelton – Scheduled for 11:00 am ET

Harris could be a little tired from having won a grueling five-set match in the first round, but it should help that Shelton had to play five sets as well —and did so over two days because of the curfew rules. But overall, I just trust Harris’ game on grass a little more here. Shelton should theoretically be perfect for Wimbledon, but it could take him some time to figure things out. For now, the American just looks a little lost when it comes to finding ways to win points once the ball is in play. That said, Shelton is going to have some easy service holds, as his serve is hard to get back on this surface. But the same also goes for Harris, who has a booming serve. And Harris should be able to take advantage of the small opportunities that will present themselves throughout this one.

Bet: Harris ML (+130)

Matteo Berrettini vs. Jannik Sinner – Scheduled for 12:00 pm ET

Check out my preview for Berrettini vs. Sinner here.

Added Plays

I usually have A LOT MORE on the Pro Picks page. Those plays count towards my record and have been a big part of my success this season. Make sure you check them out. I’ll probably add a few more over there, so refresh that page throughout the day if you’re looking for action.

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Wimbledon Predictions: Tennis best bets for Wednesday, July 3rd (2024)


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